PAB – Election update

PAB – Election update

Well, six months on, thank you for your support.

Being your Councillor and working hard for the Ward has been a real privilege.
I hope that on the 2nd May, you will vote for me and PAB once again.

Just a reminder you have up to two votes as, unusually, we are electing a full Council this time.

It is just me standing for PAB and to be clear you don’t have to use your second vote, your vote for me will still be valid ….. and it will probably help PAB if you vote for me only.

However, if you wish to use the second vote but are undecided about where to put your cross you might like to consider our current County Councillor (covering Pittville and Prestbury), Stephan Fifield. He and I worked very closely in trying to save the Idsall Drive car park, which the Lib Dems sold over our heads.

I very much hope to be able to continue working for YOU, Prestbury and PAB from 3rd May onwards.

Do please remember that if you vote in person at the Polling Station you will need to take photo ID.

With Kindest Regards,

(Councillor Stan Smith)


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