Why Vote PAB again in Prestbury

Why Vote PAB again in Prestbury

Reasons why voting for Stan Smith & PAB Group on 2 May is a sensible choice.

– PAB are your free thinking, local Independent Party with their only loyalty
to Prestbury residents not some remote mainstream party.

– Stan Smith, the PAB candidate for the forthcoming Prestbury Local Election is an
actual long standing resident of the Prestbury Ward as declared on the Ballot form.
Half of the other six Prestbury candidates, all from the mainstream parties, have
declared their residence to be outside of the Prestbury Ward with the remaining three elsewhere in Cheltenham. There is no one who will fight more strongly for Prestbury residents than a person who actually lives in Prestbury.

– PAB are standing exclusively for Prestbury, whereas all the other candidates are
strongly influenced by their main party allegiances.

– The Greens have been very critical of the other parties regarding the issue of
Idsall Car Park sale. The Green Party candidates for Prestbury only gave very limited
support to the Idsall Drive car park Petition. Whereas both PAB councillors & the
County Councillor Stephan Fifield actively promoted, canvassed & signed the Petition
against the sale.
Furthermore PAB councillors & Councillor Fifield have been working tirelessly on
many other mundane yet still important matters affecting the village, latterly having
plenty to say about the state of the surface of Priors Road which is a concern to
all local people AND the Police. (see last week’s Echo)

– We have heard a great deal of unfounded and outdated criticism from the Greens but
very little in the way of concrete plans for the future of Prestbury. They might have
had a couple of open meetings but how many local residents and businesses have they
taken the trouble to speak with individually in the way Stan has done throughout his
time as a Councillor, NOT just in the last few weeks.

– The Green Party seem to be green in name only. Throughout their campaign in
Prestbury they have made little or no mention of environmental issues. Furthermore
their support for protecting the Green belt in Prestbury can be regarded has highly suspicious. The Green campaign has flooded Prestbury with so many election leaflets
in the last six weeks that it is not a very good example of their true commitment to environmentally friendly credentials.

– The Greens want Prestbury but the BIG question is do Prestbury want the Greens ?

This message is endorsed by Councillor Stan Smith.

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