Update from the PAB Councillors

Update from the PAB Councillors


Update from the PAB Councillor Stan Smith

After feedback from a local resident about the encroachment of bushes between Laxton Meadows & Shaw Green Lane causing pedestrians to walk on the road, Councillor Stan Smith raised the issue with the Highways department. However, there has been a delay to resolving the problem. After further intervention from Stan, Gloucestershire highways have added this activity to their emergency plan [reference: 11452593]

On Albert Road near the junction with Pittville Lawn there is a large pothole on the left side of the road that needs urgent repair following damage to the road after recent work by a utility company. The Highways department have agreed to Councillor Smith’s request to add this activity to their emergency plan. [reference: 11452595]

Update from the PAB Councillor Ian Bassett-Smith

In Prestbury High Street, the roots of a large Holm Oak Tree have, over many years, caused a tall Cotswold Stone wall to bow towards the pavement [located between Noverton Lane mini roundabout & the War Memorial]. This is considered to be a danger to the public.

After a lot of discussion with Cheltenham Borough Council, PAB Borough Councillor Ian Bassett-Smith has been informed that the removal of the tree and rebuilding of the wall is imminent. Although removal of the tree is disappointing, this is welcome news for the safety of residents.

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