Stan’s December Blog

Stan’s December Blog

Well, the last news blog for 2023.

It feels like a short time since that day in October, it has just flown by so it is time for me to tell you what has been going on in December. Well, one or two things in the book for this month;

I have been in touch with the police about speeding in Prestbury, highlighted by two of our residents waiting to cross Southam Road (B4632) at the cross roads with Mill Lane & Mill Street. They had to wait for some considerable time to cross because of speeding traffic.

So at a meeting I had with the police, the police officers in this area will be asked to arrange for the installation of speed monitors on Southam Road (this is two wires across the road) and this will check the speed of vehicles and how many are over the speed limit. I also asked about installing one of the flashing speed warning signs and this is also being looked into by the police. This may take a little time to action so watch this space.

Next is parking in the Burgage over race week. I have had one of the residents asking about an issue that happens on race week, I’m trying to arrange a meeting with the team at the race course, to see if there is some way they can help with this.

Next topic is Idsall car park in the village. A resident got in touch about the proposed sale and was there a chance that we can get a door-to-door petition to try and change Cheltenham council’s mind about selling the car park in the village. This would need some help from the residents and maybe the shops and Kings Arms, so if you think that you can help, please get in touch and we will see what can be done.

I have been talking to the councillor for Highways and he said that they are looking at instances of speeding on Prestbury Road and New Barn Lane. They are possibly looking for speed wardens. This is an ongoing project and more news to follow.

There is no more news to report on the proposed mobile phone mast in Prestbury Road, but the Parish Council is dealing with this matter.

I wish you all the best of cheer.



Councillor Stan Smith


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