Stuart Deakin – stuart@pab.org.uk

The PAB Group have identified several problems, which have been outstanding in Swindon Village over a long period of time. These need to be concluded, and Cllr Stuart Deakin will do his best to achieve this.

Other day-to-day matters such as the state of some of the roads in the village, such as Wymans Lane, Morris Hill Close and Drayton Close, have been taken up with the County Highways Department and they will be resurfaced in the next financial year.

Needless to say, there are other roads in the Swindon Ward that are in a poor state, including roads in the large council estate (previously St. Peter’s ward), needing remedial work. Elm Street, for example, is in need of urgent work.

All these roads will be taken into account.

The parking problems around the local school will not get any better until the Gloucestershire Highways Department produces a School Safety Plan for the area.

Stuart Deakin will take this matter up with his PAB councilor colleagues in order to see what is possible in the foreseeable future.

Residents are reminded to report any damaged roads, footpaths and cycle paths to the highway department, using the following website: www.fixmystreet.com

There has been no improvement in the volume of traffic in and out of Gallagher Retail Park – weekends and the rush hour brings traffic to a standstill.

The PAB Group are in discussion with the developer responsible for the road infrastructure improvements along Tewkesbury Road prior to the start of the north west housing development in 2018.