“PAB would like to Congratulate the Friends of Pittville on their Queens award for Voluntarily Services.

Congratulations to all at Friends of Pittville on your Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services.
Richly deserved for all the work that FOP have done over many years, and long may it continue.
Please pass on our congratulations and the good wishes of the PAB group to everyone.”


Parish Council or No Parish Council.

There is a move by a few individuals in our ward that are keen to set up a Parish Council. PAB do not believe that it is appropriate for Pittville as there is no Church and no amenities that would be required to manage other than the Scout hut. No matter how many times it was painted it does not warrant the collection of an additional £26 annual precept from every household. Unless you a have an ambition to create bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy why would you set about trying to change the boundaries of what is Pittville?

We do not believe the argument that a Parish Council gives our ward a greater voice is valid, as when considering the recent University scheme one Parish Council objected most strongly, but objections were over ruled. PAB believe that hard working Councillors striving for a common interest is more effective than seeking power or protection through additional layers of bureaucracy.

An appropriate voice for Pittville.

As ward Councillor I was approached by several ward members who are pillars in our community. They were upset that their contributions to the local plan had not been accepted or over edited by the chairman of the NCG who was acting as the sole editor of the document. They felt that the preliminary works which should have set the parameters for our plan had not been sufficiently consulted and the subsequent draft plan was very poor and being rushed through in an un-neccessary manner. PAB took up the case, and after a heated meeting the shortcomings of this plan were understood by CBC and a meeting was set to rerun these early stages of the plan with an independent chair to remove any political bias from the process. I am delighted to inform you of how successful this meeting was and how impressed the lead planning officer was by the contributions from the members of this wider group, Pittville did itself huge credit.

The local plan is now back on track and has a wide range of inputs, and this is exactly what a Neighbourhood Forum is intended to do, bring the appropriate people together at the required time to give an impartial view or contribute to such processes as the local Plan, I believe that a Neighbourhood Forum is the appropriate structure to provide a voice for our ward. It is not for the residents of Pittville to bear the brunt of the cost of mantaining Pittville, when it is the responsibility of CBC and you have your Councillors to contact if there is anything out of the ordinary that you wish to report, There is simply no need for this additional layer of bureaucracy and charge to every household in our Borough.

The Albemarle Orchard


The Albemarle Orchard has come to fruition: a long-term ambition of Diane Hibbert and Dave Prince, our long-standing PAB councillors. The Orchard is a delightful quiet sanctuary off Albemarle Gate, which can be entered from Saville Close. It is a pleasure to see the young trees taking root so well and the ‘bug hotels’ thriving!

Adam Lillywhite – 07712 579736 – adam@pab.org.uk