Update on Cheltenham A&E

Update on Cheltenham A&E

Like everyone else in the Cheltenham area, we were delighted to read and see the video of the Health Secretary telling Alex Chalk MP for Cheltenham in Parliament that the A&E would remain open.

However, many of us were confused listening to the conflicting views of two people on the BBC programme Points West the following day.

This prompted an urgent letter to Alex Chalk for clarification; copy of letter below:

Dear Alex,

Congratulations on a successful outcome regarding the A & E in Cheltenham.

You have fought hard to reverse the disastrous intention of the NHS Trust to close the A & E, so well done!

You achieved something that your predecessor failed to do, but that will not stop the Liberals from claiming that it was all down to them – watch out!

One last thing, does the decision mean that the A & E will remain open for 24 hours, or will the wretched and stupid closure between 8.00 p.m., and 8.00 a.m. will remain as before?


Thank you.


Hon. Alderman Les Godwin.



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