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Month: November 2019

Flooding – It Is Still A Distant Memory

Flooding – It Is Still A Distant Memory

I have lived in Prestbury for the past 35 years, and like many of the older residents, I saw at first-hand how local residents living in the Noverton, the High Street and Deep Street areas had to deal with the dreadful flooding of their homes after the usual regular period of heavy rainfall.

The water would sweep down from the Noverton hill (the ditches and culverts being too narrow and too shallow to take the excessive water flow), flooding homes and garages in its wake and turning the High Street and Deep Street into flowing rivers.

Homes in the High Street and Deep Street were constantly flooded, wrecking the carpets and anything else that had not been taken upstairs for safety.

Sometimes the amount of water was so excessive it even flowed into Bouncers Lane and New Barn Lane.

With the recent daily news of widespread flooding in the Tewkesbury area, and even worse flooding in other parts of the country, sometimes too with the loss of life, it brought it home to me how fortunate we are in being able to walk around the village roads without having to wade through flood water.

I am also proud to be chairman of the People Against Bureaucracy Group (PAB), with such dedicated councillors who were so determined more than thirty years ago to find a solution to the age-old problem of flooding in the village.

It took a lot of hard work but the PAB Group achieved not one but five flood alleviation schemes in the village at a cost of more than £2 million – quite an achievement.

Our councillors will not relax. They know that the five schemes will only be a continuing success, if the culverts are constantly free from rubbish and the ditches kept wide and deep. I have every confidence in them.

And I know that the same dedication and determination that was shown in the late 1980’s and 1990’s is still there, which is whyPrestbury is such a grand place to live.

Patrick Durkan.

Chairman of the PAB Group.​​​​​​

November 2019

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Update on Cheltenham A&E

Update on Cheltenham A&E

Like everyone else in the Cheltenham area, we were delighted to read and see the video of the Health Secretary telling Alex Chalk MP for Cheltenham in Parliament that the A&E would remain open.

However, many of us were confused listening to the conflicting views of two people on the BBC programme Points West the following day.

This prompted an urgent letter to Alex Chalk for clarification; copy of letter below:

Dear Alex,

Congratulations on a successful outcome regarding the A & E in Cheltenham.

You have fought hard to reverse the disastrous intention of the NHS Trust to close the A & E, so well done!

You achieved something that your predecessor failed to do, but that will not stop the Liberals from claiming that it was all down to them – watch out!

One last thing, does the decision mean that the A & E will remain open for 24 hours, or will the wretched and stupid closure between 8.00 p.m., and 8.00 a.m. will remain as before?


Thank you.


Hon. Alderman Les Godwin.