County Council Elections – Thursday May 4th 2017, Who is telling the truth?

County Council Elections – Thursday May 4th 2017, Who is telling the truth?

Political leaflets from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties accuse each other of wasteful expenditure – but who is right?
The Conservatives claim that the Liberal Democrats, “when they ran the council they increased tax every single year by an average of 8% per year”.

On the other hand, the Liberal Democrats claim that “the roads and pavements have suffered 12 years of neglect by the Conservative County Council”.

The question that local electors should be asking themselves is whether these cross-party accusations is good for the communities the politicians represent, or whether it would be better to elect someone who has no affiliation to any political party?
An independent voice in the County Council has a steadying influence in the council, which means that whilst the politicians are arguing in the chamber, he or she can quietly go about getting things done in the wards they represent.

The PAB Group provides the opportunity for free-thinking, independent people who are not bound by political dogma, to achieve a good and sound environment for the people they represent.

John Payne, the PAB candidate for Pittville and Prestbury is such a person to see that this happens. His record on Cheltenham Borough Council speaks for itself.

John will deliver on the County Council – take my word for it.

Les Godwin.
Hon. Alderman (CBC).


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