Response to a letter by the Lib/Dem candidate by the Secretary

Response to a letter by the Lib/Dem candidate by the Secretary

It seems to me that the personal letter delivered to households in Prestbury by the Liberal Democrat councillor for the Pittville and Prestbury Division, is an act of desperation on his part. His claim that anyone representing another political party is wasting their time putting up against him is either ignorance or an act of crass stupidity.
In a democracy, no-one knows until the votes are counted who is likely to be the successful candidate.
In his desperation, he accuses PAB councillors of “…voting with the Tory minority on the County Council”, conveniently forgetting that PAB councillors are independent free-thinking representatives of the communities they represent.
PAB councillors are not bound by political dogma, or three-line whips, which means they look at everything that is put before them in a sensible way: and with the people they represent very much at the forefront of their minds, they vote accordingly.
This principal is the reason why so many voters prefer to vote for PAB candidates.
They remember all-to-clearly, the Lib/Dems’ careless investment of £22.5 million on the money markets, only to lose the lot.
Council taxpayers also remember their gamble in investing council money in the Icelandic Banks; just as some of them will remember too their infamous attempt to introduce a ‘Noddy Train’ on the streets of Cheltenham.
Money it seemed was no object – well, it wasn’t their money, was it?
Instead of criticizing PAB councillors, the Lib/Dem candidate should look at his party’s deplorable record and they should be ashamed of it.

Readers should take another look at some of their sheer ineptitude at coming to terms with the problem of development and the protection of community green spaces.
Two instances need to be remembered.
When there was an opportunity to change the status of the land at Leckhampton to Green Belt at a Local Plan Review in 1995, the Lib/Dems voted en bloc against the PAB proposal.
More recently, when a planning application to develop Starvehall Farm in New Barn Lane was submitted, the Lib/Dem councillors supported the PAB proposal to reject the application. But when it came back a second-time, the same Lib/Dem councillors had second thoughts, and voted to allow this open space and the adjoining rugby field to be sacrificed for development.

On these examples alone, should we trust the Lib/Dems to look after our interests now and in the future?
I don’t think so.

Les Godwin.
Hon. Secretary (PAB Group)​​​​​​​April 2017

2 thoughts on “Response to a letter by the Lib/Dem candidate by the Secretary

  1. Mr Godwin, I am a member of Cheltenhams’ Hackney carriage trade. We are having our own troubles with ” behind closed door” policy making. If possible are you aware of the names of councillors responsible for the banking and “noddy train” debacle.

  2. The envelope was personally addressed, the letter not only insulted our PAB candidate, I also found it an intrusion and to be political sniping. It was filed immediately under paper recycling!
    In addition, a while ago I had a persistent prolonged electioneering doorstep visit, this was followed up with a telephone call that evening. I am concerned that this party was able to source my name and number possibly from the closed electoral role? I would say it felt like harrassment – if I knew how to spell it!
    Good luck John.

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