Residents comment on increased traffic

Residents comment on increased traffic

Attached is a shocking letter sent to me about children feeling sick walking to school due to the increased traffic Pollution on Pittville Circus and All Saints rd in the last few weeks, When the works on Oriel Rd are completed, traffic here will not revert to how it was, as the road is being narrowed and the junction constricted, so the recent flow through Pittville is likely to be how it remains, or until the next phase, when further constrictions will occur, dispersing more traffic through these ‘new routes’. Please contact me if you share these concerns or would like to comment on your own experiences.

“The increase in traffic on Pittville Circus in the past few weeks has been astonishing. In the past there was little traffic during the day and a build up of around a dozen of so cars in the rush hour. There is now a constant flow of traffic around the Circus throughout the day and a much greater build up during the rush hour.

The flow of traffic at 07:00 is now equivalent to what it used to be at 08:00 and later on the entire Circus is now nose-to-tail. Yesterday (Jan 25th) at 08:20 the traffic stretched round the side of the Circus, back across the mini roundabout and then in both directions back along Pittville Circus Road and All Saints Road. I have never seen that before and I have been walking that way every day in term time for the last 6 years. It was not much better this morning.

This brings me to an important point: there are three primary schools within walking distance, Dunalley, Trinity and Berkhampstead. At that time of the day, young children can been seen walking in this neighbourhood to all three schools. My own children (aged 8 & 6) have commented (unprompted) on the very noticeable pollution and said “Mummy it makes me feel sick” and “I hate it”. I assume that you wish to encourage children walking to school rather than discourage this, yet you are sending significantly more traffic through a residential area with three local primary schools. I have no wish to start driving the 400 metres or so to school, which will only make the traffic worse, but am seriously worried about the children’s health in walking through the fumes every day.

I would like a reference number for the complaint please and look forward to your response.”

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